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The Foundation of Success

AACD Journal, 2008*

Five Steps to Better Practice Management

Dental Economics, August 2008**

Strategies for Mastering Enrollment Part 1: The Ability to Influence

AACD Journal, 2007*

Strategies for the Business of Dentistry

AACD Journal, 2006*

* Reprinted with permission,:
The Journal of Cosmetic Denistry
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** Reprinted with permission:
Dental Economics
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Coaching High Performance Teams

Understanding Practice Marketing: What to Do and When

Leadership & the Sandwich: How to Coach With Winning Results

Crossing the Line: Understanding the Power of Leveraging to Achieve Massive Profitability

Embezzlement: Simple Rules to Minimize the Opportunity

Building a Cosmetic-Centered Practice

The Basics of a Successful Hygiene Department

Simple Steps to the Million Dollar Plus Practice in Three Years — From Scratch

Pain-Free Dentistry: You Deserve It!

Don't Miss Out on Saving a Life

Roles of Oral Bacteria in Cardiovascular Diseases

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